mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

Il burocrate

But it is quite a different thing under the rising tide of
Government jobs offer no opportunity for the display of personal talents and gifts. Regimentation spells the doom of initiative.
The young man has no illusions about his future. He knows what is in store for him. He will get a job with one of the innumerable bureaus, he will be but a cog in a huge machine the working of which
is more or less mechanical.
The routine of a bureaucratic technique will cripple his mind and tie his hands. He will enjoy security. But this security will be rather of the kind that the convict enjoys within the prison walls
He will never be free to make decisions and to shape his own fate.
He will forever be a man taken care of by other people.
He will never be a real man relying on his own strength.
He shudders at the sight of the huge office buildings in which he will bury himself.
 Ludvig Von Mises, "Burocracy" pag 94

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