mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

La differenza tra l´imprenditore ed il burocrate

The only thing that counts is the fact that under capitalism
everybody is the architect of his own fortune. A boy
eager to improve his own lot must rely on his own strength
and effort. The vote of the consumers passes judgment
without respect to persons. The achievements of the candidate,
not his person, are valued. Work well done and services
well rendered are the only means to succeed.

Under socialism, on the contrary, the beginner must
please those already settled. They do not like too efficient
newcomers. (Neither do old-established entrepreneurs like
such men; but, under the supremacy of the consumers, they
cannot prevent their competition.) In the bureaucratic machine
of socialism the way toward promotion is not achievement
but the favor of the superiors. The youth depends
entirely on the kind disposition of the old men. The rising
generation is at the mercy of the aged
Ludvig Von Mises, "Burocracy" pag.100

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