mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

Il senso del mercato

In the economic sphere the right to acquire and to own
property is not a privilege. It is the principle that safeguards
the best satisfaction of the wants of the consumers. He who
is eager to earn, to acquire, and to hold wealth is under the
necessity of serving the consumers. The profit motive is the
means of making the public supreme. The better a man
succeeds in supplying the consumers, the greater become
his earnings. It is to everybody's advantage that the entrepreneur
who produces good shoes at the cheapest cost becomes
rich; most people would suffer some loss if a law
were to limit his right to get richer. Such a law would only
favor his less efficient competitors. It would not lower but
raise the price of shoes.
Profit is the reward for the best fulfillment of some
voluntarily assumed duties. It is the instrument that makes
the masses supreme. The common man is the customer for whom the captains of industry and all their aides are working.
Ludvig Von Mises, "Burocracy" pag 88

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