martedì 23 novembre 2010

Fantastico discorso di Steve Jobs

Sono sempre piu´convinto che la scuola italiana sia estremamente scadente e tenda a reprimere il talento e la creativita´, tanto piu´se si pensa come sia nata mutuando il sistema di educazione prussiano!...Infatti la scuola tende ad addomesticare, ad ubbidire, a farti diventare una buona pecora pronta per la tosatura ed il macello...mentre dovrebbe esaltare l´individualita´, la creativita´, il talento !

Guardatevi questo discorso di Steve Jobs sottotitolato in italiano e meditate...

Siate affamati !!! Siate folli !!!


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George Bouboulis ha detto...

Good post.... Unfortunately, it is not just an Italian problem, but I think a European problem. It has to do with our interpretation of risk. Americans a sympathy for risk; they understand that profits cannot be made without taking a proportionate risk.

We have become risk adverse. My strong belief is that the wars in the 20th century have taken a toll on our psychological resistance to adversity. We aspire to a world of certainties. Our societies are built on this premise, hence the numerous social programs and the power of the state over the individual. We try to reduce risk to a 0 factor. Yet as you point out: this is very detrimental to our development and that is why we, in Europe, have the feeling of being stuck on the same spot.
The internet is a good example of what has happened in Europe. Can anybody name an European internet company the size of AMAZON, FACEBOOK, EBAY, etc... ?