mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

Senza lo Stato il Caos

But even with all this, the majority of people might have accepted the idea of a government-free society long ago if they hadn't been sold the notion that the only alternative to government is choas.
Government may be evil, they feel, but, after all, it's a necessary evil. Aside from the fact that there no necessary evils, when one
considers all the chaos governments have caused with their violations of men's liberty, arbitrary interferences with the market, and wars for plunder and power, the assumption that government prevents chaos appears more than a little ridiculous.
The free market is quite capable of preventing chaos, and would do so without violating men's liberty or carrying on wars of aggression . . . as this book will demonstrate.
The actual choice is not government versus chaos, but the chaotic rigidity generated by governmental aggressions versus the peaceful, evolutionary progress which naturally results from free men trading in an open market.
Government isn't a necessary evil—it's an unnecessary one

Morris and Linda Tannehill, "The Market for Liberty"  

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