sabato 23 luglio 2011

La logica

logic is a science in so far as it merely investigates the necessary principles and forms of thought, and thus teaches us to understand in what correct thinking consists; but that it becomes an art when it is occupied in framing rules to assist persons in detecting false reasoning


Logic has similarly been considered as the basis of an art of correct reasoning or investigation which should teach the true method to be observed in all sciences


Logic not only explains the principles on which everyone has often reasoned correctly before, but points out the dangers which exist of erroneous argument. The reasoner thus becomes consciously a correct reasoner and learns consciously to avoid the snares of fallacy 
To say that men can reason well without logical science is about as true as to say that they can live healthily without medicine.
So they can as long as they are healthy; and so can reasoners do without the science of reasoning as long as they do reason correctly; but how many are there that can do so? 

As well might a man claim to be immortal in his body as infallible in his mind

 Jevon, "Lesson in Logic"

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