venerdì 15 luglio 2011

La dittatura della maggioranza (Public Choice)

But why does political logic defeat common sense? The public choice school of economics has given us an explanation of the insidious process by which the few exploit the many. They point out that concentrated benefits and dispersed costs lead to rational ignorance. Translating, "concentrated benefits" are the large returns earned by the privileged groups through subsidies or bailouts. For each one of us tax players, the cost of any individual bailout or welfare program is quite small, hence "dispersed costs." In looking at political action to fight the system, the individual taxpayer faces the following set of tradeoffs: the time and effort to understand even one piece of legislation or policy is substantial, and even if opposition to a particular program were effective, it would only save a few dollars in taxes. This leads to "rational ignorance," the decision by most taxpayers that the return to working harder at your job or just enjoying life is much greater than the return to political organizing

da "Us To Return to Gold Standard, Really", Lew Rockwell blog

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