giovedì 25 novembre 2010

Il gioco dell´Euro e´finito! Ma chi diavolo vi credete di essere ?

Fantastico video (in inglese) su un intervento al parlamento europeo di un coraggioso parlamentare Nigel Farage che senza peli sulla lingua dice la verita´sulla pericolosissia deriva socialista che stiamo prendendo...

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George Bouboulis ha detto...

Well... Let me add a suspicion I have. It is just a suspicion and I have no proof for what I am writing in the next lines.

We all remember a few weeks ago, actually in October, how in Europe there was a huge terrorist threat. Well, I suspect that this threat was no bigger than before. But it is the goal of our governments to make us live in fear so that we, the citizens of Europe, do not go out in the streets to protest against EU policies.

In fact, I am convinced that all the EU clowns are perfectly aware of the explosive economic and financial situation that Europe is facing. Nigel Farage makes a good point of it in the video.

These clowns are so afraid of public revolt that they want to scare with some imaginary terrorist threat into staying quietly home. But, Alas for these cretins, the Europeans will have none of it!

Unknown ha detto...

Yes George! I am totally agree with you!