sabato 31 gennaio 2015

Imagine if a bank steals your future

My name is Antonio Manno, I am an entrepreneur, I am from Italy

Imagine if you worked as a first job in the FIAT group where you understand that working as an employee was not for you

Imagine if you set up one of the first internet company in Italy, maybe in Puglia, in the South, in the city of Barletta

Imagine that the early years are very hard, indeed you are a pioneer in a market that no one yet knows

Imagine that your company, despite these very hard initial years,  increase, but your company, although small, become solid, and you learn so much

Imagine that you have learned so much to be one of the first, in Italy, in Europe, but also in the world, to launch and to develop an online auction and group buying web site together, and to have anticipated a decade the development of  the Internet ,before Groupon but before even Google and the same Facebook

Imagine that you have created a district of the internet in your area, down there in the South Italy, where you works with a hundred guys and many others who are approaching

Imagine if then comes the bubble of the Internet, the euphoria, and everyone wants to invest in your company, large industrial groups, large banks, investment funds, Venture Capitals

Imagine that two of the major local banks, the bank MPS and Banca Popolare di Bari, come into your company

Imagine that these two banks declare openly, publicly, to be interested in the long-term development of your company, territory, wanted to develop innovative ecommerce services

Imagine that one of these two banks, the bank MPS, the most prestigious, steal the entire know-how of your company, to set up a parallel society, in secret, and that allow your company to fail because suddenly it stop funding your company as promised and do not bring to you any job , any e-commerce developments

Imagine that your court, the court of your city, as a scapegoat, not only do not see this crime, but sentence you of four years in prison for fraudulent bankruptcy

Now imagine that you have to go away from Italy, you have to go away, and fucking ... I'm almost putting to cry! you have to go abroad because in addition to being a failed man now you're also a criminal

Imagine that after twelve years traveling the world you come in here , in Chile, where set a place where you put all your experience, called Exosphere, where entrepreneurs from all over the world come to develop their business ideas

imagine that after thirteen years you met a gentleman judge, a court of appea judgel, which not only absolve you for not having committed the crime, but that accuses the MPS bank  to have caused your failure, to have destroyed your business and to have destroyed the development of a whole territory

Imagine that you are in Italy, and that the offense is prescribed

Imagine that you do not give up

Imagine that you record a video and publish it on the internet

Imagine  that you write a post where you say all in the details

Imagine you open a facebook group that calls #chiediaMPS

Imagine that you start to receive photos from friends with hashtag #chiediaMPS

Imagine that you do not surrender and you do make a promise, the promise is to help me spread this video, help me to create a pressure against the MPS, my promise is that we can create this crazy pressure against the bank MPS up to force her to call me for an extra-judicial compensation, I promise you that I will spend every euro of compensation to bring Exosphere in Italy, in Puglia , in Barletta

help me to share this video and makes at least once in Italy a crime as such not go unpunished

thank you

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