venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

Barlettification !

Barlettano is the unique language of Barletta, a wonderful little city of Puglia, South Italy, the city were i born some years ago

Barlettano is spoken only in Barletta

Follow us here in Chile, in the HQ of Exosphere, an unique learning and problem solving community, the only place in the world where barlettano is teached !

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Video n.9 "Muv kudd kezz d'coul da segg" (Move on! get out your ass from the chair)

Video n.8 "A ci or tè kiamè ? " (When you will be ready ?)

Video n.7 "U ciucc" ( Two proverbs from Barletta with the donkey) 

Video n.6 "Cia cucnat josc ? Ka teng fam !" (What have you cooked today? As i am hungry!) 

Video n.5 "Va skezz i rizz..." (Go to rub your ass on urchins)

Video n.4 "Parlenn ki man Part II" (Hand gesture part II)

Video n.1 "C' kezz vù" (Cosa vuoi? What do you want?)

Video n.2 " C' ja ka t'acceid a tà!" (Ma chi ti uccide? Who is going to kill you?)

Video n.3 "Parlenn ki man" (Parlando con le mani, Hand gesture language)

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