mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

La necessita´di avere un leader politico

Another factor contributing to the acceptance of government is that a great number of people have a nagging, and usually unadmitted, fear of self-responsibility—of being thrown completely on their own resources.
This goes far deeper than just the knowledge that with no government there would be no welfare checks or plush bureaucratic jobs. It is a deep fear of the responsibility and risk of having to make one's own decisions and accept the consequences, with no ultimate authority to appeal to for guidance and to blame in case of failure.
This is the reason for such cries as "We must have strong leadership in this time of crisis," "We need new and better leaders," and "God, give us a leader !" People who fear responsibility find it easier to call for leaders, even when those leaders may become tyrants, than to
accept the risk and effort of looking for solutions to the problems that beset them (remember the "Heil Hitler" patriotism of Nazi
Germany and the horror and atrocities it led to).
Without a government to furnish this leadership, such people would feel hopelessly lost and adrift

Morris and Linda Tannehill, "The Market for Liberty" 

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