mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

La colpa fatale dello Stato

What is this fatal flaw?
It is the fact that government can obtain virtually unlimited resources by means of its coercive tax power. Private businesses must obtain their funds from investors. It is this allocation of funds by investors on the basis of time preference and foresight that rations funds and
resources to the most profitable and therefore the most serviceable
uses. Private firms can get funds only from consumers and
investors; they can get funds, in other words, only from people
who value and buy their services and from investors who are
willing to risk investment of their saved funds in anticipation of
profit. In short, payment and service are, once again, indissolubly
linked on the market. Government, on the other hand, can
get as much money as it likes. The free market provides a
“mechanism” for allocating funds for future and present consumption,
for directing resources to their most value-productive
uses for all the people. It thereby provides a means for businessmen
to allocate resources and to price services to insure
such optimum use. Government, however, has no checkrein on
itself, i.e., no requirement for meeting a profit-and-loss test of
valued service to consumers, to enable it to obtain funds. Private
enterprise can get funds only from satisfied, valuing customers
and from investors guided by profits and losses. Government
can get funds literally at its own whim
 Rothbard, "Power and Market" pag 216

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