mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

Von Mises aveva gia´capito tutto dei Leader italiani....scriveva nel 1940

Italian Fascism masked itself as a youth movement.
Its party song, "Giovinezza," is a hymn of youth.
Its buffoon Duce boasted still in his late fifties of his youthful
vigor and was anxious to conceal his age like a coquettish
lady. But the only concern of the rank-and-file Fascist
was to get a government job. In the time of the Ethiopian
war the present writer asked some graduate students of
one of the great Italian universities for an explanation of
their hostility to France and Great Britain. The answer was
amazing: "Italy," they said, "does not offer enough opportunity
for its intelligentsia. We want to conquer British
and French colonies in 'order to get in the administration
of these territories the jobs which are now in the hands of
British and French bureaucrats."

Ludvig Von Mises, "Burocracy" pag 96

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